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About us

About YAGA

cyclists who value quality, style, and sustainability



Introducing our brand of women’s cycling apparel

– Designed to empower and inspire female cyclists.
We are proud to present a unique collection that combines style and performance, allowing you to ride with confidence and comfort.

Our brand is dedicated to providing ethical and sustainable clothing. Each garment is thoughtfully. We prioritize the well-being of both the environment and the individuals involved in the production of our apparel.





Designed by women, for women, our cycling clothing embraces diversity and caters to various body types. We understand the unique needs of female cyclists and offer tailored fits that enhance both performance and femininity, without compromising on quality.






Join our community of passionate female cyclists who value quality, style, and sustainability. By choosing our women’s cycling apparel, you not only invest in exceptional products but also contribute to a movement that redefines industry standards.